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MATBOTRIX - An Introduction to Matlab

Workshop on Matlab

Topics to be covered in this Workshop

Introduction to MATLAB:
        a. Why MATLAB?
        b. Utility in different industries such as Automotive, Electronics, Space, Aviation etc.
        c. Some important matrix operations
        d. Introduction to some operators
        e. Introduction to M-file editor
        f. Editing and debugging M-files
        g. Matrix as a Data Structure
Plotting 2D & 3D:
        a. Basic plotting functions
        b. Creating plot
        c. Editing plot
        d. Introduction to commands
        e. 3D Plot
        f. Mesh & Surf
        g. Multiple Plot in one windows
        h. Creating Graphs of data ( 2D + 3D) for presentations
Programming structures:
        a. Flow control
        b. Work with multidimensional array
        c. Cell array
        d. Characters
        e. Developing user defined function
        f. Scripts and functions
        g. Convert M-File code to C-File code.
        a. Introduction to Simulink
        b. Why Simulink is useful
        c. Different Simulink Blocks used for control system + Image processing
        d. Build your customized Simulink BOX
        e. Work with Simulink Examples
        f. Convert M-File code of Simulink project
        g. Real time data directly taken to Simulink input
        h. Giving output in different format from Simulink
Detailed Analysis of Control System Toolbox:
        a. General instruction
        b. How to create linear model
        c. Discussion on state space representation
        d. Transfer function
        e. Application of control system toolbox
        f. System gain and dynamics
        g. Time domain analysis
        h. Bode Plot, ROOT Locus, Pole-Zero Plot etc
Detailed Analysis of Image acquisition & processing Toolbox:
        a. Introduction to Computer vision.
        b. Discussion on vision sensors
        c. Cameras are available.
        d. Application of vision in Robotics and Mechatronic systems.
Digital Image Processing in MATLAB:
        a. Image Acquisition
        b. Image types in MATLAB
        c. Conversion of images from one format to another
        d. Image arithmetic
        e. Measuring image properties as pixel value, distance etc.
Image Processing ToolBox:
        a. Creating , Resizing Images
        b. Multi frame images to movie and vice versa
        c. Spatial transformation
        d. Sample program needs to be discussed
        e. Data Structured based Image Processing
Serial Port Control Using MATLAB
        a. Breadbording and controlling real time device as motor.
        b. Control of movement of Robot
        c. Using AVR Microcontroller Platform for serial communication

Benefits in Careers Aspects

1. Receive an unparalleled education from MOTIVTECH INDIA team with one-on-one attention.
2. Improve job prospects and get an edge over your counterparts.
3. Access to our Inventory at minimal rate.
4. Placement assistance.


The duration of this workshop will be two consecutive days, with eight hour session each day in a total of sixteen hours properly divided into theory and hands on sessions.

*The Workshop is specially conducted for one day on the request of IGNUS, The Tech Fest of IIT Jhodhpur.

Certification (Participation/Merit)

A 'Certificate of Participation' by MOTIVTECH INDIA to all Participants of this workshop. At the end of this workshop, a small competition will be organized among the participating students and winners will be awarded with a 'Certificate of Merit'.


It's a basic level workshop so there are no prerequisites. Any one interested, can join this workshop.