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Our Team

Founder & CEO


Working with HCL as a Software Developer.
He has avid interest in imparting Knowledge and Awareness on Latest Technologies and Providing Motivation and Management through his own company "MOTIVTECH INDIA" which he established in 2013.
Marketing Manager


Faculty cum Trainer

Ethical Hacker and Information Security Expert

Rishabh Pandey

Web Developer and Expert

Himanshu Dheeraj Mishra

TIFAC-CORE and Technophilia Certified Robotics Expert.

Amit Chawla

Multisoft Systems Certified iPhone Apps Developer

Ayush Awasthi

Android Apps Developer

Mohit K. Verma


"MOTIVTECH INDIA" is a dynamic venture initiated to cater to the growing quest of knowledge and to impart knowledge and awareness to students, society and industry through our diversified workshops.

"MOTIVTECH INDIA" offers workshops in diversified sectors:-
          » Technical sectors like Ethical Hacking & Information Security , Web Development, Graphic              Development, Cloud Computing, Android Aps Development, i-OS Apps Development,              Robotics etc.
          » Service based sectors such as Motivational Lectures, Personality Development, and              Interview Preparation etc.
          » And many other innovative fields.

"MOTIVTECH INDIA" was born with a free and unwavering determination to succeed. A spirit charged with energy, creativity and with an ambition to make every individual aware of not only the latest existing technologies but also of the upcoming areas of interest in future.

Our Logo

Our symbol is a combination of three words, all three having their own significance. The word MOTIV stands for MOTIVATIONAL, TECH stands for Technology and INDIA as we are making our Indian youth aware about the latest technology.

The Dark Blue colour highlight helps to promote and spread awareness about our vision. It represents a dynamic force of unparalleled energy that brings us and our customers closer.

Our specially designed logo is modern, vibrant & friendly. It signals our resolve to be accessible. The blue colour in it symbolizes sky or Apex. Hence the Blue Colour in the logo symbolizes MOTIVTECH INDIA's progress toward Apex. Our logo represents reliability, responsibility, trustworthiness, honesty and opens communication.

Our Mission

To impart knowledge and awareness to all engineering students and IT professionals on the latest technological front, motivate them to achieve success in life and to train them regarding the management skills related to every field of life.

Our Vision

MOTIVTECH INDIA is aiming to be the best Global Leader in educational, industrial workshop in near future and it will achieve this vision in an ethical way by offering quality services to clients and fare deal to its customers.

Our Values

Earning and maintaining Trust.
Making and maintaining Collaborations.
Providing Satisfaction.
Professionalism and team work.
Ethical approach.